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Rose Magee is a British painter living between Berlin and Malta, originally trained as a tattooist and in the profession for five years, she is now pursuing an artistic career in the restoration of archaeological objects. She feels drawn by the art of the first half of the 20th Century and uses a mix of these artistic movements such as Precisionism/ Cubism/ Avant-Garde as well as realism and surrealism. Her work is characterised by sharp lines and dramatic lighting with bold colours capturing everyday objects and landmarks. Working in oils on canvas, Rose  has showcased in an independent Maltese gallery and is currently working on a collection of human form inspired paintings.

The Sisters, painted 2017 in Berlin, oils on canvas


Please feel free to browse through my website and contact me with any questions regarding exhibition, purchasing or commissions. Rose :)

Malta Collection

Blue Varenna

painted 09.2017 in Malta, oils on canvas board

Fat Lady of Malta


Exhibitions - Upcoming

Cafe Berio, Tuesday 12 June, Maaßenstraße 7, 10777 Berlin

F37 Galerie Wednesday 29th August, Fasanenstraße 37, 10719 Berlin

Exhibitions - Previous

Caro Berliner Art Gallery Shop

Café Tasso - Das andere Antiquariat

Selbstporträt Berlin, oils on canvas

"The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown."

Rene Magritte


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